Monday, 13 February 2012

In the news

Fire at oil rig due to faulty maintenance checks

Investigation teams for the recent explosion at the Piper Zion oil rig in the North Sea have confirmed that the accident was caused by incorrect maintenance on the gas pressure system. The buildup of which caused a pressure explosion which resulted in the deaths of everyone present on the rig.
A memorial ceremony today was led by Energy Secretary Jennifer White who thanked the families of the dead for the bravery of the staff who stayed at their posts trying to avert the crisis.

Robbery at tourist hotspot turns bad

Police have closed down the Aylesford Maize Maze after the death of it's owner Michael Bennett.
Mr Bennett is believed to have interrupted a burglary at the site office.
His widow was unavailable for comment but friends of the family said that she needed to be away from the site of the tragedy for the immediate future.

TV series filming causes scare

A new BBC series was the source of much excitement in Bournemouth yesterday when the TV production company staged several stunts from their new supernatural tv series "Becoming Legends"
A mockumentary dealing with people displaying suposed superpowers, members of the public were witness to several carefully staged stunts in order to create as realistic a reaction as was possible.
Production staff had to apologise and issue a statement after several calls were made to the police.
The series is due to air in the Autumn.

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