Monday, 13 February 2012


"No Valentin, you can't be in the series. It's not real!" Ambrose looked out the window as the helicopter landed at Aylesford. "Yes I appreciate that is the whole point of the series, but we only created it because that narcisist decided he was going to try and impress all his friends with his new whole Superman act!
Look I'm here now so I'll call you back!"

Ambrose climbed out of the helicopter and headed into the swirling corn field. His aide came running after him
"The press have confirmed that the site is now closed down. We've relocated the widow and convinced her not to talk about what she saw. so we have effective control of the site now."

Ambrose nodded to his assistant.
"I see our two men of the moment are still here!" He looked over to another helicopter where he could see an increasingly frustrated medic trying to tend to Leo Carruthers as he repeatedly teased and generally tormented the poor woman. Whilst his compatriot Manny seemed to be dozing on the grass nearby.
"Ok I'll go see what Vladimir has done with the place, you go take a break. Maybe give Jacob a call"
He grinned impishly at his aide as she looked flustered.

"You know about that?" she half-glared back

With that Vladimir came up and nodded to the both.
"How is Jacob?" the tall man quipped.
"I'm going now" she said, turning around and storming off.
Vladimir stared after her before turning to Ambrose "Cute"
"It's good it gives him another tie to us, that might be useful." Ambrose said watching his retreating aide.
"You can be a cold shit sometimes you know?" Vladimir retorted whilst scowling back at him.
"Whatever gets the job done." Ambrose turned back to face Vladimir "So is it secure now?"
"Yeah, I think Mattie is taking care of the last of them now - it took a bit of time once they ran into the maze but they weren't particularly cunning in trying to hide from us." he started walking to a gaping entry that was in the middle of the corn field
Ambrose followed after him. "The others are all still inside then?"
The other nodded "Yeah it is just the newbies upstairs still - they took a bit of a pounding by the time we got here but managed to hold them back. Oh and our honoured guests are currently being shipped to a secure unit with little Greg. They're both in dreadful shape but still kicking. Even the little one although I have to admit I wish for his sake he wasn't. He also won't shut up screaming - I think they really fucked him off."

Ambrose nodded "Yes I can't imagine why"

Ambrose whistled slightly as he stepped into the central Labyrinth chamber. Even his head swam as he tried to take the place in. He smiled "This will do nicely for our needs I think." he nodded at the other two in the room before turning back to Vladimir. "I think it's time to bring our newbies into the fold don't you?"
Vladimir exploeded "You still haven't told them yet? For f..."
"No I'll leave that to you - you've got the common touch after all" Ambrose fired back. "Between this and Jacob's little job I think they've passed the test. It's time we started anyhow."

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