Friday, 9 December 2011

Back in the real world

University Hospital - Coventry: January 13 2012

Leo was gone. One minute he had been with them the next he had wandered off.

What had started out as a nice evening out had turned insane.
Insane. Maybe she was insane or would wake up any minute. It had just been too much in the last twelve hours.

She looked over to the bed where her friend Luke lay unconscious. He'd been hurt fairly badly, the doctors had stabilised him but had not believed what had happened. They said his injuries were from flying rubble.

She got out her phone and tried to call Leo again but it just went straight to his voicemail each time.
Where was he?

She closed her eyes and tried not to cry. After awhile she sensed she wasn't alone anymore.

Blinkingly she looked up.
"You looked like you needed this" Standing there was a Policeman offering out a cup of vending machine tea.
He looked familiar.
"Thank you" She took the cup.
Yes he was one of the ones from last night.
"Do you mind if I sit down, it's been a long night." he smiled
Carol sat up and tried to brush some normality into her appearance and smiled "Please"
He took a seat and watched her for a moment. "You're not going mad."
"I'm sorry? I didn't.." she started to say
"What happened last night was real, and it has only just started. Those things will be just the first and worse will come in time.
I'm not telling you this to frighten you. But you're not alone. Your friend - he's special." He smiled
"I guess you already thought that anyhow, but now you can see what he can do. He's helping us at the moment."
"He's helping the Police?" she asked
"Not the Police as such - in a way I also help the Police. But we'll look after you - I've got Officers looking for the rest of your friends. Leo would want them kept safe whilst he is busy I'm sure."

The Officer stood up. "I have to go now - still an awful lot to clear up from last night. Give me a call if you need anything."

Carol stood up and took the card from the Police Officer.
"Thank you officer!"

He nodded smiling and walked out the room.

Carol looked down at the card. It wasn't a Police business card at all. There was just a circle and a name.
Something clicked in her memory at this name and she looked up to call him back but he was gone.

No phone number or email on the card.
Just a circle and a name.

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