Sunday, 16 October 2011

It begins

The last Scion had left them several hours earlier and debate had raged into the night about their suitability. My mistress was most unimpressed with her errant son's behaviour and attitude, it was only after the Wolf had promised her that he would endeavour to teach him some manners that she relented as much as she ever allowed.
 Quetzalcoatl was confident it seemed that his son would embrace the truth before long and seemed quite impressed that he had been so adamant that it was a dream. Looking around at the rather unconventional choice of forested banqueting room I was not sure that I could blame him. But Gods are not ones to do things that are tactful or subtle.
Athena was pleased that they would be able to assist her daughter with uncovering the truth of what was going on in Britain, whilst Agwe held his thoughts to himself other than to agree that they would be fine.
Cold Hel acidicly mocked them and said that she would be seeing them soon no doubt - but other than to say that she would put her own people on to it she was otherwise unble or unwilling to share anything further.
When the Dawn Wolf returned later with news of the battle in the citadel of Coven-Tary and the embracement of their divine side I saw Quetzalcoatl nod happily at Athena before we all returned to our realms

From the Chronicles of Mizuni, Scribe of the Sun

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